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Curwen's Times Better Hewitt Triumphs Over Van Vort In Close 440


Featured by the return of Jim Curwen to form, the Varsity swimmers overwhelmed a weak but plucky Boston Y. M. C. A. team last night by a score of 52 to 23. Curwen turned in a 24.4 50 and a 53.9 100 to register the tidiest times of the evening.

The presence of Swede Broberg two flights above the pool cut both crowd and interest at the meet to a minimum. Ed Hewitt's win over up and coming Dave "Torpedo" Van Vort in the quarter provided the evening's best race.

The summary:

300-yard medley relay: Won by Harvard (R. Harris, A. Waldron, T. Shrewsbury); second, Boston (McHugh, Leseur, Dormandy). Time--3:12

220-yard free-style: Won by F. Powers (H); second, L. Stowell (H); third, Tirrell (B). Time 2:18.4

50-yard free-style: Won by J. Curwen (H); second, Runge (B); third, Chub Stearns (H). Time--24.4

One-meter dive: Won by G. Dana (H) 97.6 points; second, McNamara (B) 89.3; third, C. Sagenkahn (H) 85.1

100-yard free-style: Won by Curwen (H); second, E. Cutler (H); third, Runge (B). Time--53.9

150-yard backstroke: Won by A. Bosworth (H); second, W. Johnson (H); third, Smith (B). Time--1:50.3

200-yard breastroke: Won by Hayward (B); second, M. Kraus (H); third, R. Wilcox (H). Time--2:37.6

440-yard free-style: Won by E. Hewitt (H); second, D. Van Vort (H); third, Andenellis (B). Time--5:16.9.

400-yard relay: Won by Boston (Gordon, Dormandy, Fidrocki, Runge); Harvard (E. Goldwasser, D. Malone, Chub Stearns, T. Shrewsbury) was disqualified for illegal start.

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