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At the Metropolitan


Depicting the life of a great research scientist who has to fight against the formidable opposition of conservatism, "Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet" is one of screendom's finer productions. Sensitive spectators may be titillated by the screen debut of syhphilis, but the outstanding fact about this powerful picture is the truly magnificent acting of Edward G. Robinson. As Dr. Paul Ehrlich, he forsakes the tough-guy aspect for which he is famed and turns out a performance that must be considered for academy honors at the end of the year.

When the reactionary bigwigs of a large German hospital fire him for being too independent, young Dr. Ehrlich enters a long life of prodigious work--during which he finds the method for recognizing tuberculosis germs, discovers a diptheria serum, and gives the world a cure for its devasting "social disease." At a very swank dinner party one dear old lady asks Dr. Ehrlich what is working on now. "Syphilis," he replies, and thirty months drop open in shocked amazement.

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