Five Briggs-Copeland Instructors Will Take Positions Next Year in English A Department

Establishment of five special instructorships in English composition for young writers of outstanding ability, to begin next fall, was announced yesterday by the University.

Known as the Briggs-Copeland Instructorships, they are named after former University teachers of composition; Le Baron R. Briggs '16 and Charles Townsend Copeland '82. The course will be under the direction of Theodore Morrison, English lecturer and former Associate Editor of the Atlantic Monthly.

Valuable for Writers

He stated that "we believe that the new instructorships, particularly by their definite allowance of part-time work, will offer a valuable opportunity for writers who are interested in teaching, but who also wish to reserve a part of their time and energy for their own literary development."

Each Briggs-Copeland instructor will teach at least one section of English A and will be eligible for work in a more advanced composition courses or for other work in the Department of English. The purpose of the course is to secure a specially qualified and relatively stable nucleus of instruction for the required Freshman course.