Summer School to Offer Double Credit For Studies on Tour to South America

Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina Will Be Visited During Two Months Trip

Students can now take a trip to South America simultaneously get credit for a double course in the Summer School, it was announced yesterday by Kirtley F. Mather, Director of the Summer School. The trip this summer will include a study of trade, banking, and industry in the principal cities of Brazil, Uruguay, and Agentina.

Plans for the tour are the result of three years' effort by Comtesses Alain de Pierreien to establish international study tours for University students. Comtesse de Pierreien has sought support in the United States and abroad for a round-the-world tour, to which each country would contribute gifted students, but the project was called off on account of the war.

In charge of the present South American tour will be Professor Norman T. Ness of Polmana College, California and a specialist in the field of Latin-American economy. The group will leave New York, June 28 and return September 2.

Embassies in South America and the U. S. have been asked to assist in arranging conferences with government economic ministers, representatives of chambers of commerce and labor groups, and university scholars. Major industrial plants will also be studied.

In addition to the visits and conferences now being arranged the tour will include a course of study on Latin American conditions and problems equivalent to a double course in the Summer School. Classes will be held on shipboard and final examinations will be given for those who wish credit from the trip.

Strengthen International Ties

Professor Mather pointed out that an important aspect of the trip would be meeting and talking with South American peoples, thus strengthening the ties between the nations of the Western Hemisphere.

Total cost for the tour, including travel and living expenses for the two months and tuition, will be $595. One scholarship covering the expenses of the four has been established, and other scholarships may be established later for able students.

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