Broberg, Bennett Named to E.I.L. All-Star Basketball Five

Green Ace Breaks Own Individual Scoring Record; Lutz on Second Team

Gustave Broberg, six-foot, one-inch Dartmouth forward from Torrington, Coun, dominates the 1940 Eastern Intercollegiate League all-star basketball team just as he outshone all rivals during the league season.

Broberg was good enough to break the individual scoring record for the second time in his two years of varsity competition and for the second year in a row to become the only unanimous choice of the seven coaches of league teams who annually select the team for the Associated Press.

There wasn't even an argument from anyone except Jim Bennett of Cornell. Bennett was chosen for the first team by five of the seven coaches and the other two gave him second-place votes. Thus on a basis of two points for a first-team election and one for second, he gained 12 points to Broberg's 14.

Rest of Team

With these two at the forward positions, the rest of the team is composed of Wellington Ramsey, Cornell, center, and two captains, Robert White, of Dartmouth, and Thomas Erickson, co-captain of Yale, at guards. Each received nine points in the voting.


In pacing Dartmouth to its third straight league championship dith a record of 11 victories in 12 games. Broberg scored 180 points to shatter the scoring mark of 159 he established as a sophomore last year. He made 67 field goals and 46 foul points, missing only one free throw all season. He made no effort at an iron man record, frequently playing only about half of a game.

Bennett was third in the scoring race with 142 points, four less than Albie (Mite). Myers of Columbia, who was named as a second-team forward. Myers polled nine points, including first-team votes as both guard and forward.

Second Team

Voting for the second team was more varied, due in part to the coaches' habit of shifting players from one position to another. In addition to Myers, who received five points for forward and four for guard, Charles Lutz, Jr., Harvard captain, was selected for two positions and Henry Soleliac, Jr., of Pennsylvania for three.

Lutz and Johnny Meyerholz of Princeton each received four points for a forward position, but Lutz also was named once as a second-team guard and was one coach's choice for first team. Soleliac polled four points as center, two as guard and one as forward. The second team guards are Dan Carmichael and Ed Green of Princeton, who polled six and three points, respectively.

The coaches who cast votes were Paul Mooney, Columbia; Blair Gullion, Cornell; Osborne B. Cowles, Dartmouth; Wesley Fesler, Harvard; Lon Jourdet, Pennsylvania; Franklin Cappon, Princeton, and Kenneth Loeffier, Yale. ALL-LEAGUE BASKETBALL First Team  Pos. Broberg, Dartmouth (14)  F Bennett, Cornell (12)  F Ramsey, Cornell (93)  C White, Dartmouth (9)  G Erickson, Yale(9)  G Second Team  Pos. Myers, Columbia (9)  F Lutz, Harvard (5)  F Soleliac, Pennsylvania (7)  C Carmichael (6)  G Green, Princeton (3)  G

Honorable Mention:

Forwards--Myerholz, Princeton (4); Ingley, Yale (2)

Centers--Pearson, Dartmouth (3); Sullivan, Dartmouth (2); Dunbar, Cornell (2); Stevens, Yale (1).

Guards--Buckley, Harvard (2); Jolly, Cornell (2); Seelbach, Yale (1); Parmer, Dartmouth (1); Busse, Princeton (1).