Gregory P. Baxter, Theodore William Richards Professor of Chemistry, accepted for consideration Saturday the Petition for evening laboratories circulated by the Yard Questions Committee of the Student Union and signed by 264 Chemistry students.

Evening Laboratories have been requested annually for the last 13 years, but the Student Union petition is the first to be favorably received. Drawn up and circulated by William Schallek, '41, Chairman of the Committee, George F. Frankel '42, and Kenneth N. Trueblood '42, the petition was termed "very practical" by Professor Baxter.

The petition was accepted because it limited itself to three points, namely that the laboratories be open only twice a week, that they be open without stockroom service, and that the privilege be confined to courses 2, 3, and 4.

Students Willing to Pay

At the suggestion of Arthur B. Lamb '19, Erving Professor of Chemistry and Superintendent of the Laboratory, students were asked if they would be willing to pay the department $5 a term to meet the added expense. 75% of those who signed said they would, but many added "only if absolutely necessary."