Deturs, oldest prizes at Harvard, dating from 1712, have been awarded to the forty-one undergraduates who made Group One in the rank list for the first time last year, the University announced today.

The winners of these annual prizes are given the choice of any book, specially bound and bearing the Harvard seal and the coat of arms of Edward Hopkins, London merchant who came to Massachusetts in 1637 and made the bequest through which the prizes were established.

The name of Detur was given to the prizes by the first word of the inscription on the book plate, "Detur Ex Testamento Edvardi Hopkins Armig."

The books have been given since 1712. Among the awards this year were Professor Kitredge's edition of Shakspere; Morison's "Three Centuries of Harvard"; Spengler's "Decline of the West"; Craven's "Art Masterpieces"; and Sandburg's "Abraham Lincoln: The War Years."

Prize Winners

The winners of the prizes this year are:

Class of 1940: Charles H. Coombs Jr., Brockton; Edward M. Davis Jr., Winter Park, Fla.; Edward A. C. Dubois, Somerville; Richard S. Fogelman, Pompton Lakes, N. J.; Louis Hartz, Omaha, Nebr.; Thomas V. Healey, Worcester.

Robert L. Heilbroner, New York; Lawrence B. Heller, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; Edwin Hewitt, Chicago; Enno R. Hobbing, Reading, Pa.; Martin J. Lydon, Lowell; and Enrico A. Pepe, East Boston.

Class of 1941: Gerald M. Alter, Mason City, Ia.; Maurice S. Cohen, Winthrop; Thomas J. Duffield Jr., Cambridge; William F. Ketchum, Evanston, Ill.; William H. Kruskal, New Rochelle, N. Y.

Leo Marx, New York; Gilbert N. Plass, Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Melvin Pollard, Dorchester; James B. Tobias, Fremont, Ohio; and Emanuel G. Weiss, Elkins Park, Pa.

Class of 1942: Alan J. Ansen, Woodmere, L. I., N. Y., Eugene S. Austin, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; Marvin G. Barrett, Des Moines, Iowa; J. Malcolm Barter, Beverly; Ralph B. Bennett Jr., The Dalles, Ore; Warren M. Cannon, Independence, Mo.

Roger A. Cunningham, Kent, Ohle; Henry Edelheit, Johnson City, N. Y.; Melvin Fields Jr., Muncie, Ind.; Gabriel Jackson, Mount Vernon, N. Y.; Robert A. Keller, Cleveland, Ohio; Wilfred M. Kluss, Southeast Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Murray A. Lambert, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Benjamin H. Landing Jr., Findlay, Ohio; John E. Leffler, Waban; Woodbridge Marshall, Altadena, Calif.; Judson T. Shaplin, Reading, Pa.; Keith R. Symon, Terre Haute, Ind.; and John H. Wulsin, Cincinnati, Ohio