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Hopper Expects No German Expansion To Balkans During Crisis in Norway

Also Claims England Must Work Fast to Drive Nazis From Scandinavia


"There will probably be no move towards the Southeast, the Balkans, by Germany until this Norwegian question is settled," said Bruce C. Hopper '24, assistant professor in Government, last night.

"Unless the British can get the Germans out of Norway before they have an opportunity to fortify Bergen, the key-point of this campaign, the Allies may never drive them out of Scandinavia. This is dangerous since Molotoff of Russia has been working silently on the repair of the Finnish railroad which has a direct connection with the railroads of Sweden."

Nazi "Red Herring"

Professor Hopper believes that the current disturbances in the Netherlands are merely a continuation of the German "red-herring" policy in the last decade. While diverting British attention to the Lowlands, the Germans hope to gain valuable time for entrenching themselves in the Scandinavian Peninsula, time which may mean the difference between success and defeat in this all-important fight. If the Germans can hold Norway, they will have effectively broken the British blockade.

If and when the Balkan invasion takes place, it is a problem to decide who will do the invading. Italy will want to take over the rich plum of Hungary.

The rich Rumanian off fields lie beyond Hungary, and it is these that Germany is going to need. Italy may or may not help Germany, for Italy and Mussolini are maintaining a "kick them when they're down" policy, and want to be in at the division of the victor's spoils.

"Of course, it is hard to predict anything in these days of censorship and propaganda. It is hard to tell what is the true status in Norway, since British reports say that the new mine fields have cut off the route of materials from Germany to Norway, and the Germans claim that they are landing troops all the time. Professor Hopper said in explanation of his conjectures and predictions.

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