First Period Scores Help Rugby Team to 9-5 Victory

Holleb Drop Kicks Goal on Dead Run to Give Crimson Early Lead

Taking advantage of a following wind in the first half, the Crimson rugby team defeated the Boston Rugby Club 9 to 5 yesterday afternoon.

Marshall Holleb started off the scoring early in the first half with a 25----yard drop kick at a dead run, one of the first in Harvard's rugby history, to put the Crimson out in front 4 to 0. Later in the half, Bill Waters scored a try and Dave Colwell, former Yale fullback, converted.

With Captain Sheldon Dietz on the sidelines with an injured knee, the Crimson team was hard pressed to retain its 9 to 0 lead, as Bobby Green, 1938 football captain, led successive thrusts at the Harvard goal. Ruggles finally broke through to score a try half way through the second period, and Pepper Constable, ex-Princeton fullback, added two more points with a conversion, but the Crimson defense preserved its narrowing margin.

Worn out by the unusually stiff opposition yesterday, the team faces a strong Princeton group this afternoon, which has won all but one of its games and appears more experienced than the Crimson team.