The Moviegoer

At the Met

Among some off-color, phony sets of the South American mountains nestles the "Amazing Stories" laboratory of the diabolical Dr. Thorkel, replete with radium concentrators, twisting coils, and condensing machines. The picture brings no established stars to the screen nor does it add any new ones to the Hollywood firmament.

After reducing five very objectionable characters down to one-foot size and doing away with two of them when he finds they are growing back to normal, the shaven-pated Dr. Thorkel is himself done in by the remaining three midgets. These murderers of the "greatest biologist in the world" regain their original stature and wander back to civilization, two of them finding true love on the way.

With the benefit of low grade B dialogue and the technicolor of five years ago, this attempt might have been entertaining, but even these meagre requirements have not been met with the result that the picture has all the zip of a three-day-old glass of beer.

The co-featureStar Dust, with sixteen year old Linda Darnell, differs only in that it is not in technicolor.