Fliers Announce Spring Air Races

Compete in Bombing, Spot Landing, Observation Hunt, and Acrobatics

In preparation for the Intercollegiate Air-Meet May 18 at Westfield airport, the Flying Club will conduct a trial air-meet at Beverly airport Sunday morning at 9:30 o'clock.

About 15 persons with eight planes are expected to compete in the various events, which include acrobatics, spot landings, precision maneuvers, bombing with flour sacks, and a navigation contest. A novel event is the observation hunt in which the pilots and observers are shown a spot on the map which they must find and photograph. The first pair back with the pictures wins.

Many Models Entered

According to John H. Ijans '40, and Carl A. Wickstrom S. P., meet officials, spectators will see in action several different types of planes since two Fleets, two Fairchilds, two Cubs, a Stinson and a Wace will be entered. Handicap ratios will be used so that the pilot with the most skill will win no matter what make of plane he flies.

The winners of this meet will go to the intercollegiate meet to compete with pilots from Yale, Princeton, and several other Eastern colleges. There the "Oldest Flying Club" hopes to maintain its claim of being a top-flight outfit.