Yardlings Hold Annual Dance Tonight; Bradley to Play

Preparation for the biggest event of the Freshman year, the Jubilee, are reaching fever pitch today with the complete transformation of the staid Harvard Union into a balloon-decked dance hall.

The dining hall will be closed to the Yardlings at 6:30 so that the committee can start moving out tables and chairs in preparation for the dance, which will begin at 10 o'clock. Much of the decorating will be done in the afternoon, but a large portion of it, such as the placing of a fountain in the rotunda, cannot be started until after supper.

Bradley to Play

Will Bradley's orchestra will provide the music for the Jubilee, and will play from a stand near the entrance to the rotunda. Dancing will go on in both the large and small dinning halls. The exhibition of the Union Photographic Society will remain on display during the evening in the Lower Common Room.

Mrs. Elliott C. Cutler and Mrs. Thomas R. Goethals head the list of patronesses, while Richard Harte, Jr. will lead the ushers. Assisting Harte as ushers will be James M. Aldrich, Jr., William O. Apthorp, Charles M. Clark, Thomas P. Cutler, James C. Dudley, Roger D. Fisher, Thomas R. Goethals, Jr., Morris Gray, Thomas Hadley, Jr., George H. Hackett, Michael Harrington, Jr., Maxwell Kaufer, Caleb Loring, Jr., John W. Morgan, Charles S. Putnam, Julian H. Richardson, Peter B. Saltonstall, Roger Smith, George H. Warren, and Richard K. Winslow.