Mikkola Sees Slim Chance for Win, as Divisionals Disrupt Starting Lineup

Jaako Mikkola's cohorts embarked by bus yesterday afternoon Hanoverbound for a dual meet with the Indiana. Because of divisionals many of the seventeen Seniors on the squad will be unable to make the trip.

Gene Clark, George Downing, Torby Macdonald, Dave Simboll, and Charlie Smith are among those who will not compete. Bill Shallow and Jim Light-body, however, will face the Hanoverians and should grab off a trio of firsts to swell the Crimson total.

Although Dartmouth rules a popular favorite for the meet, the Mikkolamen should win in a photo finish. It is doubtful, nevertheless, if the Crimson will amass more than 70 points. The Indians are favored due to the Crimson's poor showing in the practice triangular meet with Holy Cross and Northeastern last Saturday. It must be remembered that the Holy Cross squad found the meet as important as the Yale meet is to the Crimson, while the Mikkolamen regarded the meet as a practice one. Harvard boasts a victory over Dartmouth in the quadrangular meet, where they topped the Indians by almost twenty points.

Divisionals have left the team woefully weak in the 220-yard dash. In the Crimson is behind when the event is called, there is a strong possibility that hurdler Don Donahue may be called on to run it.

Much depends on Donahue's performance in the meet. He has been alling all week with a strained muscle in his right leg. If he is able to do his best, however, he should account for two firsts in the hurdle events and a third if he runs in the dash.

Frank McKechnie, Sophomore quarter-miler, ran his leg of the mile relay last Saturday in under 51 seconds. If he does as well today, he should garner some points for the Crimson in the 440-yard run. There will be no relays in the meet.

Howard Fifth in Nationals

Captain Jim Lightbody is in for a trying afternoon when he meets Indian Howard in the quarter and half-mile run. Howard placed fifth in the national indoor intercollegiates last winter and should provide some real competition for Lightbody.

Bob Partlow will have to give the best performance of his career to beat Blount of Dartmouth in the high jump and the broad jump. Blount cleared six feet four and one-half inches in the I.C.4A meet and has broad-jumped more than 24 feet in competition.

Dartmouth's Nick Nissen should garner two first places in shot put and discus throw.