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The Moviegoer

At the Metropolitan


BUCK BENNY RIDES AGAIN, and so does Rochester, who at times seems to be way out ahead, and as in the case of Gallahadion, it's long-odds Rochester that takes the show. But, if you don't bet on Benny and aren't Fred Allen you'll enjoy the show. As is usually the case, Jack Benny fuddles through a fantastic script to give a little entertainment, but also characteristic is the fact that Benny's supporting cast happen to be the sparks that put the whole thing over. Carmichael, his pet bear, is not an exception to this general rule.

The story is simply the story of Jack Benny out West (you know: like the Rover Boys). The result is that a fairly good Hollywood cross-section of New York cafe society turns up on the prairie. The theme is simple: anything for a gag and three or four gals.

CHARLIE CHAN IN HONOLULU. This is a wonderful picture for those who like honest detective stories, where all the clews are given and where careful observation will get your man. Only there is one thing to remember; there is more than one suspect. This point is made clear in the movie but remember it just the same.

Outside of the story itself, the picture is apt to irritate any one who has been to Honolulu, because of the heavy fog and the overcoats that appear in one scene of the picture. Another small point: although Chan is meant to be Chinese, his bathrobe is a Japanese kimono. You can figure that one out.

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