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$23,775 Given by University for Study During Coming Year


Awards totaling $23,775 to forty-seven men for study in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences during the next academic year, were announced by the University today, as follows:

Abbott Laboratories Fellowship for Research in Chemistry to Jean 10. Jones 2G., of Wichita, Kann.

Abba C. Ames Memorial Scholarship to Richard A. Howard 1G, of Warren, Ohio.

Anna C. Ames Tuition Scholarship to Richard E. Schultes 3G, of Roslindale, Mass.

Cheater Hastings Arnold Fellowship to Ralph E. I. Dimmick 3G, of Butler, Pa.

Austin Fellowships to Stephen K. Bailey, of Evanston, III.; George C. Bright 2G, Scranton, Pa.; William H. Cleveland Jr., of Austin, Tex.; George B. Cumming 2G, of Cambridge, Mass.; Richard Edwards 1G, of Englewood, N. J.; Robert R. Holt 1G, of Jacksonville, Fla.; Dale DeW. McAdoo 1G, of Cleveland, Ohio; Joe T. McCullough, of Painesville, Ohio; Grover C. Pitts 1G, of Richmond, Va.; James H. Soper 1G, of Hamilton, Ont., Canada; and Arthur R. Spurr, of Reseda, Calif.

Edward Austin Fellowships to Richard N. Frye 1G, of Danville, III.; Marshall DcM. Gates Jr. 2G, of Port Arthur, Tex.; Louis Hartz '40, of Omaha, Nebr.; and Richard R. Whetsone, of Escondido, Calif.

Bliss scholarship to Jonathan W. Wright 2G, of Spokane, Wash.

Bliss scholarships and Blodgett scholarships to Gordon L. Chute, or Petersham Mass.; and Ernest M. Gould Jr., of Wellesley, Mass.

Bliss scholarships and University scholarships to Ralph W. Brake, of Rocky Mount, N. C.; Engene S. Hurd, of Watersmeet, Mich.; and Howard A. Poat of Minneapolis, Minn.

Class of 1897 scholarship to Branford P. Millar 5G, of Cambridge, Mass.

Coolidge fellowships to Edward T. James 1G, of Chicago, III.; and Carl L. Hillman, Assistant in History at Harvard.

Bayard Cutting Fellowships for Research in Physics to Robert J. Finkelstein 3G, of Pittsfield, Mass.; and Ivan A. Getting, Junior Fellow at Harvard, of Belmont, Mass.

George and Martha Derby scholarship to Edward S. Lewia, of Berkeley, Calif.

Du Pont fellowships to Sidney W. Benson 2G, of New York, N. Y.

George H. Emernson scholarships to George C. Kennedy '40, of Monida, Mont.; and Frederick C. Novello 2G, of Somerville, Mass.

Emerton fellowships to Oscar E. Anderson Jr., of South Bend, Ind.; George McK. Elsey 1G, of Oakmont, Pa.; and William L. Spalding Jr., of Westfield, N. J.

Charles Haven Goodwin scholarship to George S. Phalen '40, of Binghamton, N. Y.

Ozias Goodwin Memorial fellowship to John B. Lawrence, Washington, D. C.

William Watson Goodwin fellowships to Robert A. Brooks '40, of Needham, Mass.; and Leonard E. Woodbury, of Winnipeg, Canada.

Harris fellowship to Robert B. Highsaw 1G, of Memphis, Tenn.

John Harvard fellowships to Whitney R. Cross 1G, of Pittsford, N. Y.; and Edward N. Lorenz 2G, of West Hartford, Conn.

Priscilla Clark Hodges scholarship to Jonathan W. Wright 2G, of Spokane, Wash.

Albert and Anna Howard fellowships to James H. Mantinband '40, of New York, N. Y.; and Ralph E. Wentworth 1G, of Bangor, Me.

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