Draftees to Have Tuition Refunded

Registration of 8,000 Seen; Conant Will Speak in Memorial Church

As some six thousand Harvard upper-classmen and graduate students arrived in Cambridge to register today for the academic year, the University announced that tuition will be refunded to students entering the armed forces of the country.

"Students at Harvard University enlisting in or drafted into the armed forces of the United States," it was announced, "shall be liable to the University for only that portion of tuition and other University charges incurred prior to their departure from the University, except that any student remaining for a period sufficiently long to receive academic credit for either half-year will be liable for his or her entire tuition for that period."

The University anticipates a total registration of about 8,000 students in the college and eleven graduate schools, about the same as last year. Freshmen registered last Friday, and upperclass registration in the college began on Saturday.

President James B. Conant will address the students for the first time this year at the regular morning chapel service tomorrow morning at 8:45 in the Memorial Church.

Today and tomorrow freshmen will take special scholastic, mathematics, and reading aptitude examinations, and will complete their choice of courses for the year. Classes in the college begin on Wednesday and Thursday.


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