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Activities of Harvard ROTC in World War, Propaganda Cards Featured


Widener Library has arranged an exhibition of curies from the first World War for visitors from the American Legton convention.

The veterans will see World War I prison camp money, food ration tickets, postal card propaganda and zeppelin air raid pictures. German thin paper nocks are shown, advertised an providing "excellent, protection for the foot against cold and front."

Harvard R. O. T. C.

Prominently featured in the exhibition are the activities of the Harvard Reserve Officers Training Corps in 1917-18 as illustrated in photographs and described in diary records. There is also a letter from King George V expressing thanks for services of the Harvard University Hospital Unit with the British forces.

Many German propaganda post-cards are shown, including a special set of cards on the theme of "Gott Strafe England," with high-colored illustrations of zeppelin raids on England and representations of Germanic deities wreaking vengeance on the island kingdom.

Dombing Attacks Pictured

One group of cards is shown celebrating various zeppelin and plane bombing attacks on Antwerp, Yarmouth, and other cities. In another set of postcards the German propagandists are shown attacking the Italians of 1915 as "treulos" and "falsch," and ridiculing the Russian army for its defeat at Tannenberg.

In October and November 1918 there was a tremendous barrage of propaganda leaflets written in German dropped over the enemy lines from balloons and airplanes which pointed out the futility of continuing the war and urged the Germans to pave the way for peace by revolt against the government. The exhibit has a sizeable collection of these propaganda leaflets dropped by both the American and French armies.

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