Civil Service Announces Summer Course For College Juniors

The United States Civil Service, Commission announced recently an examination under the title of "Student Aid" for positions in the Federal Government. Usually employment in these positions is for work during the school-vacation periods. Upon the close of the work season, appointees may be furloughed to return to their college studies, and reemployed in succeeding seasons. Upon competition of their academic training, they may be recalled as Government Student Aids with opportunities for advancement to the professional service.

Applicants must have completed at least three years of college study, and must have formally indicated at the college or university their intention of majoring in the optional subject chosen in the Student Aid examination. Junior students now in attendance at institutions of recognized standing may be admitted to examination, subject to their furnishing during the existence of the eligible register proof of the successful completion of their junior college year prior to July 1, 1941. Applicants may not enter the examination who completed the third year of college study prior to May 1938.

Practical Work

The duties of these positions are to perform simple subprofessional tasks connected with the practical application of the principles of one of the sciences in the following optional branches: Agricultural economics; agronomy; animal husbandry; biology (wildlife); economics; engineering; forestry; geology, home economics; horticulture; metallurugy; plant pathology; public administration, political science, history, or sociology; range management; soils; statistics.

Applications must be filed at the Commission's Washington office not later than January 20 if received from States east of Colorado and not later than January 23, 1941, if received from Colorado and States westward. Applicants must not have passed their thirtieth birthday. This age limit does not apply to veterans receiving veteran preference, up to the retirement age.

Further information and application forms may be obtained from the Secretary of the Board of U. S. Civil Service Examiners at any first or second-class post office, or from the U. S. Civil Service Commission, Washington, D. C.