University Announces Streamlined Reviews in 15 Freshmen Courses

Bigger and Better Sessions to Give Broad Trends

Under the direction of Stanley Salmen '36, Secretary to the Board of Supervisors, reviews in 15 Freshman courses will be given during the coming examination period for all those enrolled in the courses.

The courses in which reviews will be given are those which have an enrollment of over 50 Freshmen. The other Freshman courses will be handled by the instructors in the smaller classes.

The reviews will be given in two 90-minute sessions, two or three days apart, the final session to be offered at least three days prior to the examination. There will be 30-minute question periods at the end of each session.

Broad Topics

The broad topics of the courses will be outlined by supervisors not connected with the courses. They will organize the material of the subjects so as to facilitate review for the examinations. All other questions and detailed topics will be handled by the instructors in the courses who will be available for consultation during the examination period.

A charge of fifty cents per student will be made. The cash will be collected at the door as the student enters the review or a student may sign a slip and have the charge put on his next term bill. Those students who can show that they are unable to pay the charge will be excused.

Same Time and Place

All reviews will be held from 4 to 6 and from 7 to 9 o'clock in the same University room so that students will become accustomed to a particular place for this kind of help.

The practice of giving reviews for Freshmen during the examination periods has developed over the past four years. This is the first year, however, that formal and complete preparation for these reviews has been made by the Bureau of Supervisors.

The time and place of the reviews will be printed in the CRIMSON in a few days and they will also be posted in the Union.