Franny Lee, Tom Gardiner Head Roster of New Injury Victims


An all out attack of injureis spoiled the whole afternoon for Dick Harlow yesterday. Captain Franny Lee, Tom Gardiner, Ted Lyman, Jim Grunig, and Dick Row all had to withdraw from scrimmage early, and just how serious a blow this is will not be known until the doctors make definite statements today.

Lee went off the field early with a leg injury of undetermined seriousness, and big Tom Gardiner, who has had a practical monopoly on the right tackle post for over a year, also suffered a bang on the leg. Lyman received a body blow but stayed out until the end of practice. Grunig was knocked out, and Row's ailment was described as a body injury.

Mystery Shrouds Injuries

It is altogether possible that the Crimson's plight is not as bad as it would seem. Chub Peabody was injured early last week, and from the gloomy reports emanating from Dillon Field House it seemed that he would be lost for some time. The following day he was in uniform and the day after that went through a vigorous scrimmage.

According to H.A.A. publicity there are only four types of injuries: head, arm, leg, and body, and those terms conceivably may cover anything from a broken bone to a black and blue spot. Just how serious this recent string of ailments will be remains a little indefinite at this time.


Team Prepares for Penn

For 45 minutes Harlow ran his A team against the B team line and a Jayvee backfield in an effort to sharpen his offensive for the Quakers, and the Varsity ran wild in a flurry of touchdowns. In addition the Crimson squad got another look at the Penn plays and concentrated on pass defense and kickoffs.

Another blow to Harlow was the news that Greely Summers, who scrimmaged for just a few plays, is not in shape and definitely will not be one of the 28 men to make the Pennsylvania trip.

Numbers blossomed forth for the first time yesterday as the Varsity received new jerseys marked according to a plan formulated by Harlow and Columbia's Lon Little. Under this new system, which has been adopted by all the Crimson's fees, the players will be numbered by position, which should make identification easier for everyone, including the spectator.

As the plan works now, fullbacks will be numbered from 10 to 19, blocking backs in the 20's, tailbacks in the 30's, and fullbacks in the 40's. Similarly centers will be numbered in the 50's, while the guards, tackles, and ends will be in the 60's, 70's, and 80's respectively. In addition, all players on the right side of the line will be even-numbered, while those on the left uneven.