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Ann Sheridan ocC, named by the Lampoon two years ago as the "actress least likely to succeed," has become a member of the Harvard community this fall by virtue of her election as honorary editor of the Advocate.

Long time rival of the 'Poon as Cambridge's funniest monthly magazine, the Advocate is planning to take its famous barouche out of moth-balls in order that Nannie, as President Marvin Barrett '42 affectionately calls her, may have a suitable conveyance to a punch in her honor in November.

Take Notice, Mr. Phinizy

In a long telegraphic acceptance to her election and to the invitation, the Hollywood Comps Girl announced that the would come to Cambridge as soon as possible and that she was planning as her first contribution to Harvard's oldest magazine "a little essay on etiquette."

The ancient conveyance, in which the heroine of Warner Brothers' new Harvard flick will be drawn in state to the Advocate chambers at Bow and Plympton Streets by hordes of lucky candidates, is the same as that in which Anna Held and Barbara Hutton were escorted to literary "teas."

"She's simply evah so swank," gushed Gurdon Wattles, more seigne than ever in a six-button flowered damask coat with kerchief to match, at a pre-Sheridan punch yesterday in honor of the cast of "Arsenic and Old Lace."

"The cawst double-crossed us and never arrived," admitted Pegasus Broadwater, "but simply evreh-one else was heah." Busy painting the barouche. Broadwater himself was not present.

"Big Marve" Barrett, replete with red, black, and yellow cross-flecked, post-Tattersall waistcoat, apple-green pants, and cross gaiters, blurted out, the advance announcement that the Advocate is planning to strike off a special medal in honor of the "actress" and to knit her a special cherry-red and battleship-grey Advocate cravat.

Coles Phinizy '42, chief punster of Harvard's other funny mag, did not seem overly irate.

Despite his calm reception of the news, Colonel Phinizy was later heard to mutter into a glass of "Mah Confederate ancestry calls but within me sub Ab prefer mah Sheridans twenty miles away.

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