Anti-Neutrality Act Rally Scheduled For Noon Today

Petition For Repeal Attracts 900 Names

While the number of signatures to a petition condemning the Neutrality Act approached one third of the undergraduate body, three interventionist committees that differ in little but name made last-minute preparations yesterday for a jointly-sponsored "crush Hitler" rally in Sever 11 at noon.

Payson S. Wild, Jr., associate professor of Government, has been signed up as the featured speaker against the Neutrality Act and three undergraduates and one Law School student will talk during the remainder of the half-hour.

W. Millbank Pillsbury '42 will take the platform for the Defense League; Edward Ames '42 will speak for the Liberal Union; Wild will represent American Defense, Harvard Group; Charles S. Bridge '42 and James Lanigan 3L, who worked for the Wages and Hours Administration before he entered the Law School, will speak as independents.


Business School Responds

The unusual success of the anti-Neutrality petition sponsored by the presidents of six undergraduate and graduate committees is evidenced by the 125 signatures already garnered from the Business School, traditionally a rock of indifference toward the tumultuous politics of the College.


Exerpts from the petition, which ends at the rally today, follows:

"Whereas we, as students, recognize that Hitlerism is abhorrent to the whole spirit of American education and constitutes a grave and imminent danger to the national security of the United States, and.

"Whereas it is the established policy of our Government . . . . . to give effective aid to the countries fighting Hitlerism . . . . .

"Therefore be it resolved that we students of Harvard University go on record in favor of the immediate repeal of the Neutrality Act."

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