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With a Faulty membership list topping the 1000-mark, American Defense, Harvard Group, is preparing to loose an even more furious snowstorm of publicity for the country's defense effort and for aid to Hitler's enemies than last year.

Mainstay of the Group's effort to publicize intervention is encouraging members to air their opinions in the press and periodicals and over the ether. Last year over 40 articles by an imposing assortment of authors, including President Conant, Andre Merize, and Bertrand Russell, were published under the sponsorship of American Defense.

Speakers were mobilized for a variety of programs over Boston radio stations, and the group made arrangements for upwards of 200 gatherings in and beyond Cambridge.

As soon as the First Division returns to Fort Devens from maneuvers in the South, the program of talks to draftees and officers will be continued. May Lerner spoke on "Strength and Weakness of Dictatorships" to an audience of over 1000 during one of the last meetings before Army maneuvers.

American defense has always been wary of burning its fingers by intervening in the heated political developments among the undergraduates. The Student Relations Committee has decided, however, that the 'problems of youth" have largely disappeared over the summer, and the assistance given the Student Defense League, the Liberal Union, and the Student Union will be carried forward.

Helps Refugees

Publicity is far from the only function of the Defense Group, which helped to place over 100 refugee children in schools and homes during the past year. A drive for Christmas gifts to Britain in 1940 netted five large crates which were dispatched, to London.

Women share a part in the numerous programs of American Defense, and committee headed by Mrs. Arthur M. Schlesinger is cooperating now with the Houses and Phillips Brooks House in attempting to put through a program which will allow draftees to visit students over the weekend.

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