Dartmouth Students More Belligerent Than Harvard or Nation, Poll Shows

35% Favor War Entry Draft Age Unimportant

In a recent poll covering 884 members of the student body at Dartmouth, 32% of the undergraduates stated that they believed the United States should declare war on Germany now, according to the daily "Dartmouth."

These figures compare with an Alumni Bulletin poll, showing 22% of Harvard undergraduates favoring an immediate declaration of war, and with the Gallup poll, showing 17% of the nation as a whole advocating our entry into the war now.

A majority of 495 Dartmouth students favor the repeal of the Neutrality Act, 301 are opposed, and 84 are undecided.

On the question "Do you think Germany will win this war if the United States does not enter it," opinion was very evenly divided among the three categories. Two hundred and seventy-seven students said yes; 294 said no, and 302 were undecided.

Russian War Influenced Vote


The greatest amount of unanimity on any question was on "Did the entrance of Russia into the war on the side of Great Britain affect adversely your willingness to aid the allies?" Eighty-two per cent answered in the affirmative, and 18 in the negative.

Of the 557 students opposed to a declaration of war now, 112 said we should declare war on Germany if she attacked the Western Hemisphere, 121 believe we should not enter the war unless the United States itself is attacked, 21 are opposed to our entry under any circumstances, and 50 have no opinion.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the poll was that the question of whether or not a student is of draft age has practically no effect on his opinions towards the war. According to the "Dartmouth," 26% of those of draft age favor war, as compared with 29% of those under draft age favoring that program.