Crimson Runners Take 2nd To Beat New Hampshire

What has been called one of the greatest cross country teams in Dartmouth's history yesterday afternoon ran true to form and left the Crimson and New Hampshire, runners in the background on the Middlesex Fells four and a half mile course to win the Triangle meet by eight points, 26-34-75.

The Indians took all of the first three places, and the trio of Don Burnham, Sid Bull, and Bob Williams crossed the tape in that order practically holding hands.

Palson First for Crimson

First Harvard runner to cross the stripe was Bill Palson, who finished in the fourth slot. Chuck Richardson of Dartmouth came in fifth but from there on it was the Crimson all the way with Bob Jay, Tim Coggeshell, Fred Phinney, and Bob Houghton following in that order. The New Hampshire men then began to trickle in. Bull is one of the best runners the Big Green has ever bad. A year ago he placed first in this Triangular meet and placed second in the Heptagonals. This fall he smashed the Dartmouth cross country record for the five mile run against Colgate. He eased in behind Burnham, the winner, who set a course record of 23:19. His time yesterday was 27:17.

Freshmen Last


Jaakko Mikkola's Yardlings fared somewhat worse, placing third behind both the New Hampshire and Dartmouth harriers. Points for the Freshmen were 24 for the Indians, 44 for the New Hampshire men, and 57 for the Crimson. Russell Farrington was the first Harvard man to finish.