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A limited number of Seniors who will be drafted before next June may be able to receive their degrees at mid-years, if the Faculty adopts a current proposal to authorize departments to give oral and written Divisional Examinations in February.

Already informally considered by the Administrative Board and other Faculty groups, the plan is expected to come before the Faculty at its October meeting, it was learned from Dean Hanford yesterday.

Limited to 1941-42

Under the present rules general examinations may be given only at the end of the year. The proposed change would permit Departments for this year only to give examinations in February to Seniors who have satisfied all other requirements for a degree.

If adopted, the provision will probably be limited to those men who will be drafted or otherwise called into the service or the army or navy before the end of the regular college year.

A practice of offering general examinations both at mid-years and at the end of the year would lead, according to current Faculty opinion, to a lowering of academic standards and would place a heavy burden on the examining boards.

Those in the Administration who have so far considered the matter feel, however, that, if possible, a special provision should be made for a few Seniors who may have their college work interrupted in the middle of the year be cause of factors beyond their control.

The Administration recognizes that it would be a hardship for such men to take their general exams after several years of absence from College.

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