Draft Degrees Easier At Yale and Princeton

Ignore Course Requirements For Shortened Senior Year

Yale's solution of the "draft degree" problem, like Princeton's is less rigorous and more flexible than the policy now in operation here at Harvard. Neither of the other members of the Big Three require completion of course requirements, although both demand departmental exams.

A certain amount of confusion exists at Yale because the policy is applied on an individual basis. While this eliminates red tape, it means that many undergraduates don't understand the possibilities.

These are apparently much greater than at Harvard. They recognize the immediately of the problem and are designed to give a student a degree on extremely short notice, a month for instance Standards are maintained by keeping the quality of the departmental exams high and letting the regular courses go. In this system a student may in a month's cramming finish the requirements in his field and get a degree.

At Princeton President Dodds has set the requisites for early graduation at satisfactory completion of these comprehensive examinations and first term courses. About 20 Seniors are working under the scheme and will be allowed to graduate without finishing their second term courses.