Today's Race At Princeton Also To Include Freshmen

Both the Freshman and Varsity cross country teams are in Tigertown today ready to participate in the annual Triangular meet between Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

The only change in the Varsity lineup from last week is the absence of Junior Bob Kent, who was last seen walking around on crutches. He received a peculiar type of leg injury in last week's race and will probably not see action today. Joe Scott will take his place if necessary.

Representing the Crimson in the annual four mile marathon will be Captain Key Rogers, Bill Palson, Bob Jay, Tim Coggeshall, Fred Phinney, Bob Houghton, Don McCaul, John Sopka and Tom McEllligott.

Crimson Record

Coach Mikkola's runners have already beaten Boston University 15 to 50, Holy Cross 21 to 48, and placed second to Dartmouth last Friday in a triangular race which included New Hampshire. Harvard will be the definite underdog in today's race against both Yale and Princeton.

The Yale team has already defeated Wesleyan 23 to 32 and M.I.T. 21 to 31, and has lost to the crack N.Y.U. team 27 to 32. Princeton has beaten Rutgers 16 to 46 and Penn 16 to 47.

At the same time, the Freshman teams will fight it out for top honors. Running for Harvard will be Captain John McCulloch, Dick Farrington, Hans Hachmann, Max Pincus, John Murphy, Fred Coggins, Milton Hughes, Dick Bryan, Hugh McCaffrey, and Ed French.

Yale Varsity entries will be Captain Bill Bird, Wil Castle, John Ashton, Charles Cleaver, Grange, Coffin, Bill Coughlin, Bill Gardner, Dave Harris, Walt Mann, and Roy Schwarizkopf.

Princeton runners will include Captain Maurice Rehm, Ruloff Kip, Ed. Bragdon, Frank Carolan, Ed Esstier, Joe Quay Tom Whitin, Don Jordan, Joan De Champion and Pete Funk.