College Suggests Special Examinations For Seniors to be Drafted This Winter

General Mid-Years Would Only Apply to Certain Men

Realizing that there are certain members of the present Senior Class in danger of having their college work interrupted at mid-years because of the draft, the Administrative Board of the University recommended to certain Faculty committees yesterday that, in their opinion, Departments should be authorized to give General Examinations (either written or oral) at midyears of 1941-42 in "exceptional cases."

"Exceptional cases," was interpreted as meaning men who can otherwise complete their degree requirements and who can show evidence that there college course "would be interrupted through no fault of their own." This does not, at the present time, include men in Military or Naval Science who want to speed up their work merely in order to increase their chances of promotion. Nor does it favor those who desire early admission to professional schools.

Plan Has Difficulties

The difficulties in this recommendation are three-fold. There would, the Board agreed, be a lowering of standards if General Examinations were offered both at mid-years, and at the end of the year, Also, General Examinations at mid-years would place a very heavy burden on the Faculty. In the third place, they would lead to an interruption of course work during the first half-year.

The Board was of the opinion that the need for "Generals" at mid-years will not be so great in later years, because by proper planning of their work and by Summer School, students in the present Freshman and Sophomore classes who wish to finish in less than four years can qualify to do so under the new three-year acceleration program.

Only a small number of men would be able to take advantage of midyear "Generals," for the Board expressly emphasizes that there would be no relaxing of course requirements and the plan is designed primarily to help a few hard cases. About 20 Seniors have already applied at University Hall. Out of these, it is estimated that about ten will be eligible.

On October 21, this recommendation is scheduled to come before a meeting of the Faculty, and it will be accepted or rejected at that time.