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'44 and if you boil over when you '43 and if you boil over when you read the morning papers or bubble over at the mere thought of trying out your personality and sales technique on Cambridge and Boston business men, then come around to the Crimson on Tuesday night and you'll find an outlet for your emotions.

The business and editorial competitions for Sophomores, starting at 7 o'clock on Tuesday and lasting for about six weeks, will provide a ready market for such traits and talents, along with a generous portion of fun, experience, and chances to find out things you never knew about this man's College. Allowances will be made for November hour exams, in case you didn't learn as a Freshman the gentle art of slipping through them unscathed.

Edwriters Meet the Vag

Editorialites do research on College and national topics and vent their views on their breakfast-table audience. During the course of their six-week jaunt they will also get free passes as movie reviewers, gain intimate acquaintance with the pathetic but pithy "Vag," interview Harvard personages, and try their hand at other special departments on Page Two.

The work of the advertising neophytes will include:

1. Learning the organization of a small but complete business concern;

2. Convincing Cambridge and Boston business of the desirability of advertising in the Crimson, and

3. Studying and practicing modern research methods. About two hours a day is the quota for getting experience which will fit you to sell Frigidaires to Eskimos or yourself to the girl of your dreams, according to your slant on things.

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