Deacons Meet Bunnies and Lowell Tackles Winthrop


Two football games roll up the curtain on the current House gridiron season when Kirkland faces Leverett and Lowell clashes with Winthrop on Soldiers Field this afternoon.

Although earlier in the week, the Deacons were given the nod over the Bunnies, Al Mathis, star back from Kirkland, has since been injured, and the odds are upset again. However, few Hutchers have shown up for practice, and, in spite of the backfield that looks powerful on paper, the line is as yet untried. So it looks like a toss-up from here.

A relatively small Puritan team will attempt to prove the old adage that good things come in little packages when it takes on a rather mediocre Bell Boy aggregation. Winthrop should win this one, and is counting heavily on Stan Durwood, who was all set to take a place on the Varsity tackle squad when the Deans nabbed him. Durwood is playing his old position in the backfield, and should work the Lowell defense pretty hard.

Phil Neagle, captain and star of the Gold Coasters' eleven, champions last fall is still out with a badly wrenched knee. His loss may well affect the Adams' hopes for a repeat championship materially, but should not make much difference when his team-mates meet the Funsters tomorrow, since Dunster has an inexperienced line and a problematic backfield.

The up-and-coming Ramblers from Dudley should knock off the Eliot House team tomorrow, about which little is known. The Elephants boast a "mystery back" but he will have to be plenty good to get through the Dudley line, bolstered by last year's all-House center, Dick Loomis, who transferred from Winthrop.


Several of the Houses, including Leverett, Lowell, Dunster, and Adams have their tennis and golf tournaments well underway. Although the dead-line for the first play-offs had to be postponed several days on account of the persistent rain and generally damp weather Cambridge has been having, most of the first matches have now been played.