Fliers and "Hangars-on" Gather to Enlist Squadron of Harvard Men

Plane Purchased by Flying Club; Instructor is Hired

Harvard eagles, aces, ravens, and sparrows will assemble in the Lowell House Common Room at eight o'clock next Friday for the purpose of signing up new members and making plans for filling the skies of Greater Boston with the drone of motors. Men in the University who have had Civilian Pilot Training are expected to swell the list of members.

Hangar flying and hearth-side barrel rolls are going to take a back seat this year as the club swings into action with the purchase of a new club-owned plane and the engagement of a special flying instructor to furnish lessons at a minimum cost through the facilities of the club.

Flying activities of the club, although not spectacular during the depression years due to the fact that motors turn on dollars, are based on a long and respectable history of pioneer flying. Back in the days of the 1910 orange crates, now grisled veterans of flying formed the club which then held meets on the busy site of the Squantum Naval Air Station. Karl O. Langer, research meteorologist will act as Faculty adviser to the club.

One of the chief items of business scheduled for Friday night's meeting according to John Straus, '42, member of the club's chief committee, is the discussion of plans for the purchase of a new airplane for the club. Several medium weight ships are under consideration, and a choice is to be made among them.

Members will also discuss the rela- tive merits of airports in the Boston area to be used as a base for the club activities.


Besides piling up time as members of the club, men are reminded of the opportunity to pilot planes in the Fall meet, to be held near the end of October. Arrangements are also being made by older members to serve as realistic targets for the range-finder and signal drills of the College Naval Science unit. These realistic maneuvers will take place this week, weather permitting.

Another unusual opportunity offered this year is associate membership at a reduced fee to men whose hobbies are related in any way to flying. Navigators, aerial photographers, and meteorologists may take active part.

Further plans include club participation in group cruises, and informal meets with Dartmouth, M.I.T., or Smith College Aces, and in the activities of the New England Intercollegiate Flying Club