Network Competition Begins This Evening

"Real and practical radio experience" is what officials of the Crimson Network claim to offer all upperclassmen in the competition which will begin this evening at 7 o'clock.

When members of the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes meet at the Network Studios in the Naval Science Building tonight, they will immediately be introduced to the inside facts on the operation of the College radio station.

Little time will be wasted during the competition on menial work, and candidates for the program-production board will immediately be given definite assignments, while candidates for the technical board will soon have a chance to learn the intricacies of the "control board."

Assignments for program-production candidates will consist, from the very start of the testing period, of actual preparation for programs which now hold regular times on the station's weekly schedule. Particularly in de- mand will be candidates for the jazz, popular and classical music departments who can prepare the daily record programs.

Candidates will get a chance to plan sports programs with players and coaches; they will be able to work on Faculty forums; and they will have the opportunity to organize radio shows which make use of musical talent at Radcliffe, Wellesley, and other girls' colleges.


They will be permitted to take these programs on the air very shortly after they have proved their ability to announce and follow Network production procedure.

Original ideas for new programs will, if accepted, be particularly important in helping candidates make the program-production board; but announcing ability and dependability in programming will also be decisive factors for the men who hope to become members of the station.

According to John M. Cochrane '43, chief engineer of the Network, candidates for the technical board will probably be ready to handle the "controls" well enough before two weeks to merit their taking the station on the air.

A special part of the competition will be devoted to Seniors who would like to announce but who have not the time to take part in a full-time tryout. They will be given voice tests, and after some drilling in production procedure, they will be allowed to handle Network programs