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By William J. Elser

The lid was tipped off the House football season yesterday afternoon as a stubborn Deacon eleven beat the Bunnies to the tune of 6 to 0 and a fighting Lowell House aggregation came from behind in the fourth period to topple a small but powerful Puritan outfit 7 to 6.

Winthrop seemed to have what it takes in the first quarter as fullback Stan Durwood wormed through the Lowell defense for three first downs. The Bell Boys, however, dug in on their 35 yard line and held the Puritans in check.

Play see-sawed back and forth for the next two quarters, and it was not until midway in the final period that the Winthrop aggregation again came to life; this time the ball resting on their own 20 yard line. Jim Murphy received the throw from center, faded back and slung a long pass to right end Bob Drake, good for 25 yards. On the next play, Murphy faded back again, looked vainly for a receiver, and then logged it to the goal line for a 45 yard touchdown run. Durwood carried the ball in the try for the extra point, but George Lewis grounded him, and the score stood 6 to 0.

Bell Boys Rally

This score was the spark the Bell Boys needed. Uncorking a furious passing attack, Captain Johnny Felmouth to Dick Sorlein, Felmouth to Bob Murray, and Felmouth to Sorlein again, they carried the ball from their own 35 straight down the field, crossing the Puritan goal on a final pass from Felmouth to Sorlein, back again and threw the winning point With the score 6 up, Felmouth dropped on a pass to Sorlein, sowing up the game 7 to 6.

On the other field, the Deacons were busy taking the measure of a fair-to-middling Leverett eleven. Things began popping in the first quarter as the Kirkland machine started rolling down the field behind the running of Joe Kameese and Chuck Griffith.

With the ball well over the midfield stripe in Bunny territory, Chuck Griffith tossed a pass to Willy Cleveland, who made a sensational diving catch and landed on the two yard marker. Griffith again took the ball and plunged through left tackle for the score that won the game. It was Blanchard on the try for the extra point, but his kick was blocked.

Bunnies Lack Push

Play bogged down after the score, and neither team was able to gain an advantage. A few times Leverett got the ball and seemed to be getting started as fullback and Captain Dick Jayson squirmed through the Deacen defense for a few large gains. But the Bunnies couldn't muster the necessary push in the pinches and were forced to punt.

But if the Bunnies could not advance, the Deacons weren't able to do any better. Their offensive power lagged and the Leverett defense tightened as the game settled down to a tug-of-war contest, both teams see-sawing back and forth as the afternoon were on. As the final whistle blew, no further score had been made and the Deacons walked off the field with a 6 to 0 conquest.

Four more teams will open the season this afternoon when a powerful Adams eleven faces the strong backfield but comparatively weak line of Dunster, and Dudley tussles with the Elephants in what should prove a Rambler victory. Both games begin at 3:15 o'clock.

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