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It took the Varsity soccer eleven almost two complete periods to become accustomed to the small field and light ball at M.I.T. yesterday afternoon, but then the Crimson went ahead to beat Tech, 2 to 0, without any difficulty.

In the annual Armistice Day meeting of the two colleges, the Harvard forces scored once in each of the last three periods, but the officials called back the final tally on an offside charge. On the defensive side, in contrast, goalie Captain Jack Penson had an easy day of it and did not handle the ball once during the second half.

The two markers which counted toward victory were recorded in the second and third frames. Just before the half ended, Monroe Herskovits deflected a shot off the defending fullback for a score. Then in the third quarter, Danny Poor, playing the other wing slot, blasted the ball through the nets from about 20-yards out.

Exhibiting a kick-and-run type of soccer, the Engineers confined the visiting Firemen to two points, but at no time threatened to win. In addition to superior teamwork and talents, the Crimson appeared to be much better fit physically than the home team.

A pair of Coach Jim McDonald's charges, however, were not quite up to par. Halfback George Mallory still suffered an injured knee and only participated for a single quarter. Wes Truscott, although he played left outside for a time, was visibly hampered by old leg wounds.

One other change was made in the starting lineup from the eleven which first met the Army last Saturday. John Calhoun, who scored the disqualified point, began the contest at right halfback. He replaced Ward Slingerland, a bigger back whose weight and fight proved invaluable against the rough-and-tough tactics of the Cadets. Slingerland took over at right half yesterday when Calhoun was shifted to center forward.

Fight Over-Confidence

Pre-game fears that the Varsity would meet the M.I.T. defenders over-confident proved to be not entirely unfounded. For the entire first quarter, the eleven did not show the same caliber of soccer which upset the Army and will be needed to down Brown this week-end.

The Harvard line-up: Penson, g; Harbison, rf; Taylor, lf; Calhoun, Slingerland, rh; Clarke, ch; Myerson, Mallory, lh; Herskovits, ro; Drake, Dixon, rl; Sawhill, Calhoun, cf; Gifford, Staber, li; Berman, Truscott, Poor, lc.

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