Yardling Soccerites Overwhelm MIT, 4-0

Tallies by Morgan, Carr And Cate Swamp Visitors

After inviting M. I. T.'s unknowing Freshmen over for an Armistice Day game, the Crimson Yardling booters ganged up on their visitors and sent them home with a 4-0 defeat.

Holding complete control of the contest throughout, the Freshmen swept the field with goals by Paul Morgan in the first two periods, one by Fred Carr in the second, and one by Charlie Cate in the last quarter.

Tech Lacks Reserves

Tech could only muster 12 men for the contest and were completely exhausted before the final whistle blew. In contrast, a total of 22 men competed for the Crimson.

This Saturday the Yardlings will tackle Brown and on the following Friday conclude their season against Yale.


The Harvard Freshman lineup: Thompson, g.; Forster, r.f.; Ortega, Hadley, Willis, l.f.; Cooke, Brown, Finbury, r.h.; Allen, ch.; S. Glidden, Miller, Ellis, l.h.; Cato, Osborne, r.o.; Apthorp, Bond, r.i.; Ripley, Carr, c.f.; Morgan, W. Glidden, l.i.; Makinson, l.o.