Harlow, Clark Give in, Let Forwards Fight It Out

Open revolt broke out among the ranks of the Harvard line yesterday when they learned that there was no scrimmage planned, in an effort to prevent injuries. But when line coach Lyal Clark returned to his duty after a short absence, the forwards were tearing madly into each other in a little rough work of their own.

Upon seeing this, Clark and Harlow gave in and allowed 15 minutes scrimmage, which was the only non-routine aspect of yesterday's session.

The rest of the afternoon was devoted to passing offense and defense against Brown passing plays.

Harlow's defensive nets and networks will be even more complicated for Saturday's game because of the additional schemes which must be formed in order to stop the T formation, flanker, and short punt offenses of the Bruin attack.

Harlow appears plenty worried about the forthcoming tussle with his former assistant and says that Hank Margarita, Stahley's star runner, and Dan Savage, passer extraordinaire, are two of the best performers of their particular art that have ever seen the Stadium turf this season. They are both 175-pound Sophomores.


The Brown team will arrive at 11:30 o'clock Saturday morning by bus from Providence and will make its headquarters in the Commander Hotel.