Hu Flung Huey Flings 'Em

Being a Confucian Conversation of our Oriental Acquaintance HU FLUNG HUEY ocC.

"Ellis no fury like a Harvard guard," quoth the Sage of the Age flippantly.

"The cards may be Stack-ed your way," dolefully replied his friend, Shan Twee, who graduated from Yale- in-China many ages ago, "but keep your eye on our wingback."

"That's Mosely hogwash," Huey interposed. "He can't Dent our forward wall. And he can't hold a Kiendi to ours. He goes Furso much as ten yards at a crack. Then just to Vary the attack there are Dietrich plays that our coach has especially for this occasion. We intend to Kemp on the Eli goal line."

"We're a-Greene that we'll Seymour score under the H than under the Y," gloomily assented the slant eyed New Havenster. "Just what do you pick for the score?"

"33 to 0," calmly assorted the Yellow Barrel, "but now I'm thirsty. If you want to find the Bartholemy."