Eight Seniors Will Start Final Game Against Elis; Team Fit Physically For Today's Encounter in Stadium

Seldom in the past has a downtrodden, underdog Eli football team entered the season's finale in the Stadium with as little to lose and with as much glory to gain.

Seldom in the recent past has Harvard been such a prevailing favorite to crush the Bulldog as it will be today when it goes on the field for the 1:45 o'clock starting whistle.

Eight members of the Crimson starting eleven will be going onto that field for their final game, and they'll be going with but one intention--that of writing a brilliant final chapter to their three years of Varsity football by smashing the Elis and grinding them into the Stadium turf in a manner reminiscent of last year's 28 to 0 victory.

It is conceivable that a high flying team like this present Harlow outfit might become overconfident after turning in as sparkling a series of victories as they have in the past few weeks-- Dartmouth, Navy, Princeton, Army, and Brown. It is conceivable that they might become overconfident for any game BUT the Yale game.

All week long, however, Coaches Harlow, McCoy, Clark, and Brown have joined in preaching the lesson learned by a strong Harvard eleven back in 1951 and again in 1939, when the Blue triumphed over the heavily favored Crimson.


The sports writers too have joined the coaches in crying wolf at every turn, so that there can be no doubt but that both teams are well-aware that anything can happen in a Harvard-Yale game, prevailing Minneapolis odds to the contrary.

As has been the case all year Harvard depends in this objective game upon its powerful set of forwards. Nowhere in the East is there a line that can be rated its equal.

Ostensibly this great line will enter today's contest in the best of physical shape--actually some of its top stars are running under the handicap of injuries suffered in practice sessions early this week. One of the secrets of the success of this year's team is that when it practices, it practices all the way out with the holds barred.

According to the doctors, Jack Morgan who was injured in the Brown game, will be perfectly fit for this afternoon's fracas.

Don Forte, who has been running neck and neck with Morgan all season, will get the starting berth, however.

Morgan is the only Crimson player whose injury has been announced. The rest of the lineup, all eight Seniors included, is in good shape according to Dr. Throndike. Loren McKinney will start at left end and his fine defensive work and dependable (Department of Understatement) kicking should be a major factor in the game. At left guard Today's Lineups HARVARD  YALE le MacKinney  re Thompson lt Miller  rt Kiendi lg Peabody  rg Stock o Page  c Mosely rg Pfister  lg Ruskel rt Gardiner  lt Kamp re Forte  le Bartholemy (Capt.) qb Helden  qb Potts rhb Lee (Capt.)  rhb Harrison lhb Summers  lhb Taylor fb McNicol  fb Seymour