Vern Miller, mountainous left tackle on Dick Harlow's squad, who weighed in after the Yale game at 292 pounds, has been invited to play in the annual North-South game scheduled for December 27 in Montgomery, Alabama.

Miller has not yet accepted the bid sent out yesterday by Coach Carl Snavely of Cornell, who is directing the northern forces. It was indicated last night, however, that he will probably reply favorably within the next few days, pending a query about the possibility of several of the other Crimson linemen being added to the northern roster.

If Vern decides to make the trip it will be the first time that he has ever been in the deep south. He had originally planned to drive to his home in Milwaukee for the Christmas holidays with his roommate, George Heiden.

The northern all-stars go into training on December 20 and play together as a unit for but a week before meeting the cream of the southern football forces on December 27.

Almost a dozen members of the Crimson team will travel to Philadelphia this afternoon to be on hand for the Army-Navy game Saturday afternoon.

Those making the trip are Club Peabody, Loren MacKinney, Tom Gardiner, Dick Plister, Bo Barens, Wayne Johnson, Bill Wilson, Captain Fran Lee, Jack Farley, Gordy Lyle, Greely Summers, and coaches Dick Harlow and Al McCoy.