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In an appeal for undergraduate aid in its Greater Boston campaign which begins next month, Russian War Relief announced last night that it would not solicit here for financial donations but that it hoped for volunteer clerical and organization work.

Students are needed, it was explained as assistants in the headquarters of the Boston chapter and as ushers at the Boston rally planned for December 14. At that time former Ambassador Joseph E. Davies; the Russian ambassador, Maxim Litvinov; and probably the present U. S. Ambassador to Russia, Laurance J. Steinhardt will lead a mass meeting at the Boston Arena.

Chapter Headed by Cabot

Headed by Dr. Hugh Cabot '94 and including many other Bostonians and Harvard alumni, the Boston chapter of Russian War Relief is represented in the University by Wassily W. Leontief, associate professor of Economics.

According to Charles S. Bridge '42, temporary undergraduate representative, a student volunteer committee is in the process of formation.

Corliss Lamont '24, well-known radical, seconded Russian War Relief's appeal for a united front behind Russia when he told a John Reed Society meeting last night that the U. S. would be "crazy" if it stopped its aid to the Soviet.

Speaking to 50 students in the Kirk- land House Junior Common Room, Lamont said, "The further Hitler shoves into Russia, the further he goes into the Red."

Nazi gains have been in no way commensurate with their loss of men and material, he said, claiming that the Germans have lost 5,000,000 men. He admits that the Russian losses have probably been greater, but believes that the Soviet can afford to lose them because of its reserve force of 25,000,000.

Russia's industrial plant, which is much more efficient than popularly supposed in this country, and the superb morale of the people account for the magnificent Russian resistance up to date, Lamont said.

With half of his factories on the East of the Ural Mountains, "Stalin is going to go on fighting and keep on fighting indefinitely," Lamont said, especially if the U. S. sends quantities of tanks, planes, and other weapons

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