Straus - Massachusetts Wins Yardling Honors

In the battle for Freshman touch football supremacy yesterday afternoon, the Straus-Massachusetts six emerged the victor ever the Lionel-Mower combination by a 14 to 6 count.

Lionel-Mower, by virtue of a steady stream of substitutes, held the speedier. Straus-Massachusetts team even until the last five minutes, when Bob Montgomery ran almost the entire length of the field and passed to Dan Beddle for the score that put the game on ice.

Hal Hafner threw a long pass to Jim Knowles for the sole Lionel-Mower score of the afternoon. Two points scored by a safety, combined with a Montgomery touchdown to give Straus an 8 to 6 lead at halftime.

Lionel-Mower threatened throughout the final thirty minutes, once racking up an apparent score only to find that one of the numerous laterals on the play had been executed after an opponent had tagged the passer. They finally lost the ball on their own five-yard line. A speedy and well executed play featuring a questionable block sent Montgomery of Straus through the middle of the line all the way to the threshold of the goal, where he passed to Beddle for the tally before being tagged. The game ended a few plays later with Straus intercepting a final desperate pass.