"Turmwaechter" Sabotaged As Tower Door Lock Jams

Donnerwetter! Was ist los?

Behind locked doors Harvard's "Verein Turmwaechter" lost its collective German accent in the excitement of being imprisoned in Lowell House Tower Room for nearly an hour last Wednesday night. A hook and ladder was summoned from the Fire Department, but its efforts were superfluous as the janitor of the building finally succeeded in battering down the hinges and removing the door.

A prankster took advantage of the confusion and noise that resulted from the singing of German folksongs to insert a nail in the lock of the door, thus jamming it. The unfortunate victims, alarmed at the prospect of spending a night in the Tower, frantically summoned the firemen in the hopes that a ladder would extricate them from their embarrassment.

Disgruntled Club members, after the episode was concluded, were heard muttering imprecations and threats toward "the Soviet saboteurs."