To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Professor Hocking, in today's CRIMSON, apparently holds that the absence of world peace is due to the essential wickedness of those who find it necessary to oppose Hitlerism.

It is thoroughly characteristic of the men who wish to have a "peace" by arrangement with the Nazis that they, are never able to take a convincing stand against Nazi doctrines, nor against Fascism in general. Their sense of the historic present is so feeble that they can submit to doing Hitler's work in the United States--which is precisely what that are doing. In the course of this curious, but manifest activity, they have the effrontery to say that those who realize that compromise with Nazism is physically impossible "have failed to state their peace aims." I have never had profound respect for semantics as a cult, but I marvel that it's devotees do not come to grips with the use of "war" and "peace" as current examples of the sentimental confusion to which even some professors are fantastically subject.

Those who shout "Peace--It's Wonderful" seem unwilling to face the fact that were it possible to achieve "peace," even the peace of Vichy, with the Nazis, it would still be physically and morally degrading. A theologian even more eminent than Professor Hocking has made the perfectly sound, biologically realistic point that it would be a tragedy for us in the United States if Hitlerism should triumph,--but that the tragedy would be vastly greater, and more sordid for us, if Hitlerism should indeed be defeated without our sharing in its overthrow.

Let us have an end to this fatuous babbling about "peace" by way of discussion with the disciples of Hitlerism. The record shows how shallow the notion is. It also shows unmistakably how toying with this silly idea business does in fact play Hitler's game for him. If Professor Hocking has a respectable plan, let him produce it; let him cease making empty statements about those who have such a plan. The primary condition of world peace is the destruction of the military power of fascist groups--Nazi Germany and Japan; this is the only realistic peace aim, and "Father" Divine is no substitute which rational men dare accept. W. J. Crozier,   Professor of General Physiology.