To the Editor of the Crimson:

Yesterday, for the first time, I saw the October 23 issue of the Crimson in which you reprinted an editorial from The Dartmouth and a letter which I had sent to Cambridge. In regard to this combination I would like to make a few remarks which might clear up my viewpoint on the subject.

The first is in the way of an objection. I would like to point out that the letter which I wrote, which appeared in the Crimson, was a personal letter addressed to Gene Keith. . . . The letter, furthermore, gave no indication that I was speaking for the whole board of The Dartmouth. . . . I was voicing my own personal "thanks."

The second is by way of explanation. The combination in the Crimson of October 23 made me appear to be the worst kind of a hypocrite, and to straighten that out. I would like to say that there was no support from me of the editorial in The Dartmouth of October 21. As perhaps is the case in your paper, the editor-in-chief is the sole judge on editorial policy, where there is a conflict. As it happened, the editorial of October 21 was one with which I did not agree.

With these thoughts in mind. I wish you could clear up this matter, at least as far as my personal standpoint is concerned. Michael J. de Sherhinin.   Ass't Managing Editor   of The Dartmouth