Scholars Sympathize With Arrested French

Hold Freedom of Thought And Education Attacked

Placing emphasis on "indignation at an action which appears to be an attack against freedom of thought," the American Academy of Arts and Sciences recently broadcast a message of sympathy to the French people for the arrest of a group of French scientists.

The American scholars, who broadcast over short-wave station WRUL, said they were profoundly disturbed" by the news, and expressed deepest sympathy "to the families, to the friends, to the students" of the jailed Frenchmen.

Americans Indignant

Especially wishing "France to know their indignation at an action which appears to be an attack against" the "cardinal principle of all American education," the translated statement ended by expressing "faith in the value of science and in freedom of thought without which science is impossible."

The group of French scholars belonged to the College de France and to the University of Paris.