Defense Service Committee Will Work on Local ARP Immediately

Reorganized Group Summons More Student Volunteers to Meet Community War Needs

In a move to provide immediate channels for undergraduates wanting to start civilian defense world before Christmas, the Defense Service Committee of Phillips Brooks House and the Student Council has reorganized and expanded its facilities, it was learned last night. A statement issued by the Committee said that "Al students are urged to volunteer immediately for part-time work as pressing demands are coming in every day!"

The Committee is functioning as a stop-gap only at the present time, it was emphasized, since the University is preparing a regular system for Volunteers starting after the vacation. Plans not being definitely settled yet, it is "uncertain" whether or not the student committee will fit into the permanent picture.

In any event, the University program will be concerned chiefly with work and training on the University grounds, whereas the PBH-Council group is now aiding the surrounding community.

Join Cambridge Defense

It was pointed out that men wanting to get ARP. training as soon as possible could "do their bit" now in service with Cambridge defense pending the probable establishment of a new air raid course after the vacation.


Application can be made either at the clearing house in the PBH main office, or through the head of whichever subcommittee most interests the applicant. The subcommittees with their functions and chairmen are:

1. Emergency calls from Cambridge agencies; routine jobs as drivers, telephone operators, clerical helpers, Red Cross sides, etc: W. Milband Pillsbury '42, phone ELI 7841.

2. Work in the Army and Navy recreation center at the Charlestown YMCA for entertainers, tutors, group leaders, referees, etc: Harry Newman, Jr. '42, KIR., 5766.

3. Sale of Defense Bonds: Thomas Matters '43, KIR. 9766.

4. Volunteers for blood donor banks: Richard Leacock '43, TRO. 5336.

5. Weekend entertainment for sol- diers: Richard L. Hall '43, Kirkland House C-31.

Some of the specific requests already received, besides the blanket appeal of the Red Cross for volunteers at 18 Brattle Street, Include a call for someone to instruct sailors in marine Diesel engines of the Cooper-Bessemen type; a tutor in fine arts for a member of the Coast Guard; and students with a knowledge of shorthand, radio, mathematics or physics