Unit Shows "Grand Illusion' To Raise Funds for Defense

Stressing liason between America and Free France, now full-fledged allies, the Harvard unit of France Forever last night decided to subordinate itself to American defense requirements for the present.

In accordance with this policy, the organization in endeavoring to raise funds to be disposed of wherever it will best help the war effort of the Allies. As the first step, it will present the famous French movie, "La Grande Illusion," next Tuesday, December 16, in the Main Lecture Hall of the Biological Laboratories on Divinity Avenue.

Seeks do Gaulle Recognition

France Forever will continue to agitate for the formal recognition by Washington of the do Gaulle government, which declared war on Japan at the same time as this country, as the legal government of France. The British recognized them over a year ago.

Aside from this, the members of the Harvard unit will devote themselves as much as possible to the common effort of the powers fighting the Axis. Patrick Staehle '45, the secretary, appealed to the members at the meeting to "use France Forever as the chief means for preserving the spirit of Franco-American friendship. This will be more of a task now that Vichy shows signs of officially joining the Axis. The unit must continue to live because the friendship between America and true France must not die."


Another plan purposed last night was the establishment of a short wave receiving station at the headquarters of the organization in the garret at 31 Holyoke St., where members could take turns transcribing broadcasts from the Free French colonies.