Conference Delegates Broadcast on Defense

Patterson, Oliver to Talk on Labor Union Problems

Representatives of Both labor and government will broadcast nationwide Saturday night and Sunday afternoon in conjunction with the conferences on "Labor in National Defense" at the Business School this weekend. To be held in Baker Hall, the conferences have been arranged by Phillip Cabot, professor of Business Administration, and Monroe Sweetland, of the Labor Division of OPM.

Over the NBC Red Network, Robert P. Patterson, Under-Secretary of War, and Eli L. Oliver, Chief of the Labor Relations Branch of OPM, will discuss labor problems from 10:15 until 10:30 o'clock Saturday evening.

Labor, Government Cooperate

Wallace B. Donham, Dean of the Business School, who issued invitations to both the labor and government representatives to attend the conference, has had the full cooperation of the labor unions and the Federal Government in organizing the discussions.

Sunday afternoon six representatives of the more than 400 labor delegates attending the conference will tell how their labor organizations are affected by the national defense program over a nation-wide hookup at 4 o'clock.


Spokesmen for thousands of workers in Massachusetts, the representatives include Herbert Morse, head of the A.F. of L. local at the National Fireworks Company at Hanover, N. H., John J. O'Connell, president of the CIO U.A.W. local at Somerville, Alfred Coulthard, head of the CIO United Electrical Workers Union in the General Electric plant at Lynn, John Connell, member of the A.F. of L. building trades and commissioner of the State Housing Authority, Miss Rose Pinnella, of the CIO Textile Workers of America at Lawrence, and James C. Dunne, head of the American Federation of the CIO Government Employees at Springfield who manufacture the Garand rifles.

In his letter to the delegates, Dean Douham said, "We believe that an exchange of views at this time will make a substantial contribution toward better understanding of the policies and facilities of the national defense program as they affect labor.