Track Team Will Face Tufts In First Meet, December 13

Houghton and Pirnie Are Nucleus of Team

Having started intensive practice on November 24, Coach Jaakko Mikkola's Varsity track forces have been drilling daily in Briggs Cage in preparation for their opening meet, an informal affair with Tufts on December 13.

Jaakko awarded Varsity suits to approximately 50 men, including about 25 Sophomores. Only five men who earned their letters last year are available at present. Among the missing are weight-man Dick Pfister, half-milers Rolo Campell and Bill Young, miler. Bob Kent, and Bob Jay, two-miler. Pfister is scheduled to play in one of the inter sectional football games, and will be lost to the track team until after that battle, while both Campell and Kent broke bones in their legs during the cross-country season last fall, and will be out for a week or more Jay won't be on the roster until the spring season.

Largest turn-out Monday was in the dash fields, led by Dong Pirnie, recently returned from the gridiron. He holds the college record in the 220, which he set last spring in the IC4A meet. He is followed by Sophomore Eli Berman and Moe Young.

Both the mile and two-mile relay teams are wide open, but in the milerace, Captain Bob Houghton, and last year's Yardling leader Bill Palson, are ahead of the pack. Top man in the 445 looks to be Frank McKecnie, who did not run last year, but was the leading quarter-miler on his Freshman team. Don MacKinnon, a star at Newton High, stands out among the hurdlers, while Steve Gifford seems to be his outstanding understudy.

In the field events, there are about 15 men with Varsity uniforms. Pirnie is the only H-man among the broad jumpers, and is first choice at the moment in that department, while Mike Ford, who tied for first in the Yale meet last year, seems to have the inside track in the pole vault. Johnny Bunker and Ted Bauer should lead the high-jumpers, and Johnny Shattuck, who took third in the shot against the Elis, is currently the outstanding weight-man.